Chris and Joanne Widrig relaxing at Bonnet Plume Lake, June 2015

Welcome to the Yukon! I have been guiding here in the north over forty years. At the tender age of sixteen I began working for my grandfather, George Dalziel, one of the pioneer outfitters in Northern British Columbia. As with most young guides I started at the bottom of the pecking order, wrangling horses and learning from those with more experience. Many seasons were spent polishing my guiding skills in the Cassiar Mountains, looking after horses in the winter, running a trap line and becoming a proficient bush pilot. People were starting to wonder when I might grow up and get a “real job”. Wilderness and mountains have always captured my heart and pushed me toward trails less travelled. Finally in 1986 I had the good fortune to purchase an Outfitting area in an extremely remote portion of Canada’s Yukon. I am currently the longest serving outfitter here in the territory. I live full time in Whitehorse with my wife, Joanne Van Bibber (niece of famous Yukon guide Alex Van Bibber). Our business does not rely on booking agents, commercial hunting shows, or clubs/associations for success. We do rely on repeat business, satisfied hunters, and our unique wilderness setting to ensure that we are always booked full more than one year in advance with an international clientele.

Outfitting Concession # 6 is located within the headwaters of the Snake, Bonnet Plume and Stewart Rivers, in the Northeastern Yukon. It is almost 4000 square miles of isolated, rugged, and scenic wilderness that forms part of the famous Peel watershed. Flying into our camp, the endless multi-hued profile of the Mackenzie & Wernecke Mountains will take your breath away! This area is like a second home and I have spent many years roaming on foot, by horse, and in my Supercub floatplane. There are no roads or settlements within a hundred miles, you can drink pure water from any stream or lake. Most of the wildlife never gets to see a human being! Given the remote location, this area is very lightly hunted. I limit the number of clients we take each fall to twenty eight and work diligently with the local Renewable Resource Council to ensure sustainable harvest. There is absolutely no resident hunting pressure. I am very proud of our contribution to wilderness protection and to the sustainable use of what is really a public wildlife resource.

We offer a classic horseback hunt that is strictly Fair Chase….. no Argos, four wheelers, helicopters or two way radio communication. Our hard working horses are gentle and well suited to rugged mountain terrain. All hunting is done from mobile spike camps (tents) with equipment carried in by packhorses. We have two major base camp complexes, at Goz and Bonnet Plume Lake. Hunters begin their adventure here and later can relax in comfort at the end of their trip. Running a Yukon based outfitting business is a full time, hands on job. Our staff of guides, wrangler, base camp cook, and Whitehorse expediter will work hard to fulfill hunter’s expectations. Hunts can be physically tough, but the rewards far exceed the trophies brought home. We facilitate an adventure which can produce lifetime memories, as evidenced by the numerous magazine articles, books and videos profiling our operation. So come on up and collect some memories with us…..a wilderness hunt the way it should be!