widrig 2012 newsletter

2013 Newsletter

Twenty eight seasons outfitting and guiding! I am now officially the longest serving outfitter in the Yukon. My passion for mountains and traditional horseback hunting is undiminished. As long as there is a “next season”, I am content!

The remote wilderness trips we offer are never easy, always an adventure and normally very rewarding. Occasionally though, hunters are unprepared and seemingly “out of their element”.  Here are my top five recommendations to help hunters have the experience they deserve;

  1. Go with the flow. Don’t expect the hunt will be like sitting in a whitetail deer stand or driving around a high fence game farm. The Yukon is big country and the challenges of game densities, time & distance are unique.
  2. Focus on the present. Forget about work, relationships, or past hunts. Cleanse the mind, soak in the scenery and wildlife.
  3. Become part of the hunt and not just a bystander. Help out around camp with firewood, dishes and packing. Use your binoculars to help spot game. Guide/hunter teamwork is important for a success.
  4. Raise your fitness level before the hunt, not during. Walking, stair climbing, going to the gym or hiring a personal trainer all help.
  5. Practice shooting at various distances and firing positions. In the field, only take the shot you are comfortable with. When your trophy is down leave your tape measure in the pack for at least one day……and enjoy the moment.

We had incredibly hot weather during the August dall sheep hunts with almost three weeks of 80-90 degree F temperatures. Rams were high on the mountains in the shade and tough to locate. September was also warm, with lots of moisture, but generally it was a good season for moose and caribou. Harvest statistics were 13 moose, 12 caribou, 7 dall sheep, 2 grizzly and 2 wolves.

I will now list a few of this falls memorable hunting highlights. Jan Nielsen harvested a beautiful, 12 year old 38” broomed ram. His partner Finn Nielsen took a full curl, 10 year old ram, in shirt sleeve weather. Later they both harvested caribou from different spike camps. Guides were Chris Widrig and son Ryan Widrig.

Father/son team Nathan & Wayne Simmons from Australia had a good hunt from our Marmon Lake camp.  Nathan killed a heavy palmed 59 ½” moose and a caribou. His Dad harvested a 61 ½” moose, caribou and a wolf. They were guided by veteran moose guide Adam Van Bibber and Gerald Bahm.

The first hunt in August had Matt Slate and Bryce Bell both taking full curl sheep from our Border creek area. Matt later connected on a fine blond grizzly measuring 6 ft 8”.  Guides were Chris & Ryan Widrig and Jon Oleshak.

Monte Hansen had the luxury of hunting from our Bonnet Plume Lake base camp in early September and was successful on a 57 ½” moose and a wolf. Guide was Philip Smith from Teslin.

Dines Nielsen was back for his second sheep hunt and harvested a beautiful, flaring 35 ½” ram with guide Philip Smith.

Repeat hunter Bill Brunner took a nice 63” moose and decent caribou with guide Adam Van Bibber.

Italian sheep hunter Christian  Cavallazzi harvested a nice ram in rugged terrain after days of hard climbing near Mt. Macdonald. His partner Giampiero Zerbetto went home with a trophy caribou. Guides were Chris & Ryan Widrig.

Glenn Mcfadden was back for his fifth trip with us and harvested a heavy 58 ½” moose that grossed about 216 B & C. His partner Jim Shore fulfilled his dream and killed a record book caribou after three separate stalks on the same herd. Guides were Philip Smith and Gerald Bahm.

German hunter, Hubertus Gerling was pretty happy after shooting a caribou even before spike camp was completely set up and later connecting on a 63” bull moose. Hunting partner Ulrik Happe also took a moose. Guides were Philip Smith and Gerald Bahm.

Finally, Argentinean, Jose Abait harvested three fine trophies on the last hunt in September; moose, caribou and a dark, 7 ft 2” male grizzly. His guide was Jon Oleshak.

I would like to thank all the hunters from ten countries (USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Gerrmany,Switzerland,Argentina,Russia, and Australia) who made the long journey to our area.

Joanne and I are off to New York next month where I will be supporting her in the NYC Marathon. She did a wonderful job of expediting our hunters through Whitehorse this fall. We still have some openings for next season and for 2015, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Chris Widrig