widrig 2016 newsletter

2016 Newsletter

Our horses will soon arrive at the trail head, the Supercub is safely in the hanger and my email box full of outstanding trophy pictures. Another excellent hunting season is over….31 years of outfitting!

Once again we hosted a multi-national group of hunters; New Zealand, Mexico, Norway, Germany, France, Iceland, Canada, Sweden, USA and Denmark. For most it was their first time hunting dall sheep or moose. Typical of our clientele they were not members of an elite “hunting club”. They were more interested in the total wilderness experience than record book trophies solely defined by inches.

We consistently offer an “old school” horseback experience! Hunters can expect long rides to remote spike camps, sleeping on the ground in tents, sitting around camp fires for warmth, and following game trails instead of “argo roads”. There is nothing easy about what we offer. The collected memories and sense of accomplishment are well earned. Our hunters participate in a unique adventure and I am proud of them all.

Harvest totals this fall were; 8 dall sheep, 13 caribou, 15 moose and 3 grizzly. The caribou were definitely back, moose quality outstanding and the average age on sheep the best in years.

Some of the hunting highlights included; Jason Craig and his fourteen year old daughter riding 24 miles to Marmon Lake, where they harvested a 60” moose, great caribou and 7 ft 10” grizzly.

German hunters Hubertus Gerling and Ulrich Happe rode for three days, crossing high water on the Snake river and setting up five different spike camps before harvesting 39 ¼” & 35” rams.

Returning hunter Brian Maris was 100% on his grizzly/caribou expedition, taking a 7 ft bear and nice caribou in the velvet.

First time sheep hunter Josh Carroll collected a heavy 13 year old ram that was broomed back to 37”. He also took a fine caribou.

Father/son team Phil & Trey Williams both shot great moose on the last hunt of the season. Trey’s bull was 68” wide!

Larry Schroeder harvested a flaring 36 ½” ram and trophy caribou in early August. He is 70 years old and proved that age can be overcome by attitude and perseverance.

Mark Sullins & Joey Norris started their hunt out of our new lodge at Goz Lake. They were rewarded with 64 ½” and 59” bull moose as well as exceptional caribou.

French hunter Antoine Heunet climbed mountains for a week straight before harvesting the best looking ram of the season, a tight curl 39” beauty. He also took a caribou in the hunts final hours.

Don Olen saw seven trophy moose before harvesting a 65 ½” monster from our Duo Lakes camp. Luck was with him later in the hunt taking a last day caribou.

Kyle Kerstetter had his knee drained a few weeks before the start of his sheep hunt. This didn’t stop him from climbing long & hard. He was finally rewarded with a great 37 ½” ram and caribou.

The Mortensen brothers from Denmark were successful at our Twin Lakes camp, taking a 63 ½” & 59” moose as well as two outstanding caribou (one record book quality).

Another father /son team Ben & Jesse Lockhart from Texas took moose from separate camps. Ben’s 58” antlers weighed almost 100 lbs and had massive front palms. Jesse, who is seventy eight years old with a fifty year old attitude harvested a 57” bull with veteran moose guide Phil Smith.

None of these events have been possible without an incredible guiding staff; Ryan Widrig, Chris Widrig, Dan Morner, Phil Smith, Gerald Bahm and Andrew Smith. Wrangler/assistant guides Alex Rohling, Dale Studley & Hunter Smith rounded out a compatible team with everyone contributing maximum effort.

Now the planning starts for next season! We intend to build a new lodge at our Bonnet Plume Lake camp, in the same style as the one at Goz Lake. Joanne & I are off to Europe for a well deserved break. Just email or call if you would like to discuss a hunt timeframe for the next couple of seasons.

Chris Widrig

867-333-9660 (cell) or 867-393-3802