2017 Newsletter


Time marches on, but the horse trails we ride and the mountains we glass largely remain the same. Global warming, addiction to digital devices, negative media images of hunting, and political turmoil are new challenges we face every day. After 32 seasons in my remote outfitting concession I greatly appreciate the peaceful calm of intact wilderness! The classic horseback experience we offer has become a rarity in our “argo centric” hunting culture.
We played host to a diverse group from the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Germany and Australia. They were fortunate to take thirty-six animals, including 10 dall sheep, 11 caribou, 12 moose, 2 grizzlies and a black bear.
For the second straight season moose antler width averaged over 60”. Two Boone and Crocket bulls were harvested. Dall sheep average age was strong with several “senior citizen” rams taken. Caribou numbers have held steady the past two seasons. The Yukon is now one of the last locations in North America to hunt grizzly. We certainly have a robust bear population with limited hunting pressure.
Hunting highlights were many and I have room to list only a few. Ed Boyd harvested a Boone & Crocket moose while trailing to spike camp on the first day. The bull was 64 ¼” wide and scored 226 Boone and Crocket. Back in base camp, Ed climbed high to shoot a large black bear and beautiful mountain grizzly.
Art Dannenberg (pictured) needed two days and one climb to harvest a battered warrior of a ram measuring 37” and 12 years old.
Dave Fenn was back for his fourth hunt. It’s a challenge finding new drainages where he hasn’t ridden before! This time he hunted from Duo Lake camp and was rewarded with a 63 ½” moose. His partner Duane Bruner took a 64 ½” bull.
Mexican hunters Bernardo Llaguno and Juan Garza faced a challenge when stalking 16 rams (32 eyes) in one band. Bernardo struck first, taking a 38” sheep and good mountain caribou. He then trailed back to our new lodge at Bonnet Plume Lake to relax for a week. Juan was more persistent, but also successful. He made a memorable stalk on the last morning of the last day.
Australian hunter Jason Flower had a super combo hunt, with a 66 ½” moose and nice caribou taken from our twin lakes camp.
Returning hunter Jason Lea harvested a “picture perfect” caribou and grizzly in late August. He has now taken dall sheep, moose, caribou and grizzly with us over two decades.
Terry Rodakowski was back with his son for another adventure. After a long horse ride and two different spike camps he made a typical “navy seal” shot at 460 yards. The ram was 36 ½” and amazingly symmetrical
Robert Bourdeau and Daniel St. Jean booked the last hunt in September expecting cold weather and snow. The weather didn’t cooperate and stayed warm to the end of the season. Both took quality moose and caribou from our Hermann List camp. Robert’s moose had a boone & crocket score of 225 and was 65 ½”.
Father/son team Greg & Dan Baker both harvested dall sheep during scorching hot August weather. Greg’s ram was ten years old, 34 ½” broomed. He made a tricky vertical shot at 165 yards.
Denis McClure is an accomplished moose hunter and has a large antler collection. This time he waited patiently until the last day to harvest a 61 ½” bull that they had passed up at the very beginning of the hunt. Denis also took home a big caribou.
In the outfitting business success is driven largely by experience. Our guides have years of this and are all very familiar with the area they hunt. Ryan Widrig, Chris Widrig, Phil Smith, Gerald Bahm, Dan Morner, Andrew Smith and Alex Rohling are enthusiastic professionals, who do their very best to ensure client success. Wranglers Dan Gunton and Hunter Dyck played an essential role managing the horses. Lea Ann Dorval provided excellent base camp cuisine. Of course, the whole operation was held together by my wife Joanne who ran the hectic expediting service in Whitehorse.
Booking season is now upon us! We have a few openings remaining for 2018 and are actively filling our 2019 season hunts. So, pick up the phone and start fulfilling those dreams!

Chris Widrig
867-333-9660 (cell) or 867-393-3802