2017 Schedule & Prices

July 30th to August 10th Dall Sheep or Dall Sheep and Caribou * Booked Full
August 10th to August 21st Dall Sheep or Dall Sheep and Caribou * Booked Full
August 21st to September 1st Dall Sheep or Dall Sheep and Caribou * 2 Openings
August 21st to September 1st (one spot) Grizzly & Caribou * Booked Full
September 1st to September 11th Moose or Moose and Caribou * 2 Openings
September 11th to September 21st Moose or Moose and Caribou * Booked Full
September 21st to October 1st Moose or Moose and Caribou * Openings

As of Oct. 14th, 2016

2017 Hunt Prices in US Dollars

Dall Sheep 18,400.00
Dall Sheep & Caribou 20,200.00
Moose 18,200.000
Moose & Caribou 20,000.00
Fall Grizzly and Caribou 13,500.00
Grizzly kill fee on sheep or moose hunt *7,500.00
*subject to tag availability


Please note that hunt prices include the cost of the air charter flight to base camp from Whitehorse and all flying during the hunt. A limited number of grizzly tags will be offered on fall combination hunts. There is no charge for wolf, wolverine or black bear if harvested on any of the fall hunts. The price for a non-hunting companion on any hunt is 500.00 per day. All prices quoted are subject to a Canadian Government sales tax of 2.5 %.

Booking a 2017 Hunt

A deposit of 1/3rd the published hunt price is required to confirm a hunt booking. A second deposit of 1/3rd the published hunt price is due by May 1st of the season to be hunted. The remainder of the hunt price is due on arrival in Whitehorse. In the event of a cancellation all deposits are non-refundable, unless a replacement hunter can be found for the hunt opening at the original hunt price. A hunt timeframe is confirmed and booked only when we receive the initial deposit. Hunters should consider booking well in advance of the season they wish to hunt, to ensure the desired hunt timeframe. A standard hunt contract is available on request.